Meet Daron


 A Model Agency

In 2002, Nashville native Daron Hall became the youngest sheriff ever elected in the history of Metropolitan Government.   His commitment to public safety and 25 years of experience in the criminal justice field have combined to make the Davidson County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) a model agency for others to follow.

Under his leadership, the DCSO has become the only agency of its kind in the United States fully accredited by the American Correctional Association.  The agency also boasts one of the lowest officer turnover rates in the country at 11 percent.

Daron is seen as an expert in his field, and served as the 101st president of the American Correctional Association. He was the first Sheriff ever elected to this position in the organization's 141-year history.

Daron is also dedicated to the community that he has always called home.  He is currently a board member of the Exchange Club Family Center and has affiliations with many community organizations, including Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Boy Scouts Council of Middle Tennessee, and the Rochelle Center to name a few.

Helter Skelter

To understand Daron, you must understand his interest in  the criminal justice system has been a lifelong pursuit. At 14, while his friends were spending their weekends at school events, he was at the Criminal Justice Center watching night court.  At 16, Daron read the book Helter Skelter. It was at that time, he fully immersed himself into the question of “Why?”.  When he read the book about Charles Manson and the crimes committed by his followers, his interest was not who had committed the crimes, but why the crimes were committed.  Daron’s pursuit of this began more than 33 years ago and made him into the person he is  today. 

In 1982, after graduating from Antioch High School, he accepted an offer at Western Kentucky University (WKU) to play football while working towards a degree in sociology.  During his time at WKU, Daron worked for the State of Kentucky Administrative Offices of the Court as a Pretrial Officer.  He graduated with a Bachelors of Science and an even greater desire to pursue the reason "why".  The foundation laid as a teenager continued to develop and led him back home.


Back to Nashville

In 1988, Daron returned to his roots in Nashville and began working at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office as a counselor in the Davidson County jails.  He soon became director of counseling and then assistant administrator for the Criminal Justice Center.  

In 1994, Daron became chief deputy and eight years later, sheriff.  He has worked for the past 11 years to prove he is the right choice to lead the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and has never taken one day for granted or rested that operations of his office are "good enough".

Daron has also passed his desire to understand the "why" along to his staff. His never-ending commitment to this exploration has impacted Davidson County inmates through offender programming. The hope is an inmate can figure out the “why,” change his or her behavior, and not commit more crimes upon release; therefore, becoming incarcerated again.  The police arrest the person and Daron’s staff knows it is everyone’s job at the Sheriff’s Office to arrest the problem.  He wants offenders released from jail better off than they were when they came into jail.


Lower rates of offenders returning to jail further influences Daron’s commitment to what he does and, because of his leadership and beliefs, those who work at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office support the same philosophy and ensure his vision is not lost. Daron knows there is more work to be done.  With 25 years of experience, he can and will continue to effect change in the Davidson County criminal justice system.

Hometown Values

As his life in criminal justice and law enforcement has evolved so has his personal life.  Daron married his wife, Ginger, in 1999 and has two boys - Dylan and Weston.  He is raising his family in Nashville with the same values as he was raised years ago.