NEWS RELEASE: Sheriff Daron Hall Announces He Will Not Run For Mayor




Hall will continue his service as Davidson County Sheriff

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Nashville, TENN. – Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall announced today he will not run for Nashville mayor and instead will continue concentrating his efforts on the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) and the criminal justice system.  He was recently elected to a fourth term. 


“After months of careful consideration, I have decided not to run for mayor of Nashville,” Hall said.  “The challenges and pressures of campaigning, balancing of my family life, and the responsibilities as sheriff have all led to this decision.”


As sheriff, Hall is credited with managing the DCSO’s budget effectively, improving criminal justice operations, and working tirelessly with Nashville non-profits to bridge the gap between community resources and offenders released from jail; making those offenders taxpayers not tax burdens.  Hall serves as Sergeant-At-Arms for the National Sheriffs’ Association and immediate past president of the American Correctional Association.


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